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Monday, July 25, 2011

Exciting Job Posting with The Civilians


This from Marion Young at the Civilians, who are friends of the CMU SoD.



Hello All,

Below is a job posting for a project coordinator position with The
Civilians. Please pass along to any that may be interested. For more
information, e-mail managing director Marion Young:


*The Bogota Project*

*US Project Coordinator:*

The Civilians seeks a Project Coordinator for its upcoming project, working
title the Bogota Project.  The Civilians is developing an original musical
inspired by the real life annual beauty pageant in El Buen Pastor Women’s
Prison, the national women’s prison in Bogotá, Colombia. The Civilians will
go inside the prison in Bogotá for four weeks in September, 2011 to conduct
research and interviews with the participating and non-participating
inmates, guards, prison staff, judges, and pageant coaches. The research and
interviews will be used to shape a new musical with a book by Academy
Award-nominated playwright José Rivera and songs by the Colombian rock band

Based on a process developed by The Civilians over ten years, the
Investigative Phase will involve Colombian artists conducting interviews in
Bogotá.  At the end of this first Phase, the creative team will synthesize
all of the material, creating a work to be developed in partnership with the
Goodman Theatre in Chicago and the Iberoamericano Festival de Teatro en

The position of Project Coordinator will have two main purposes:  The first
is to support the organization and coordination of the Investigation Phase
in partnership with Ella Fuksbrauner, the Colombian-based Project
Coordinator.  In this capacity, the Project Coordinator will be the main
point of communication between Colombia and The Civilians’ Brooklyn offices,
confirming that the required interviews are taking place, that all necessary
information is passed along on both sides, and keeping full documentation of
all the interviews that are conducted for future tracking.  Additionally,
the Project Coordinator will assist Artistic Director Steve Cosson in
researching important interview leads, the history of the pageant, and any
other research requested by the participating artists.

Secondly, the US Project Coordinator is responsible for the organization,
documentation, and tracking of all of the interviews and related
transcripts.  The Coordinator will be a point person in communicating
between José Rivera and Aterciopelados about what interview transcripts they
need as the play’s development takes place and for ensuring that all
transcripts, interview releases, and audio is accounted for.

The position will begin in mid-August and will be a part-time four-month
position through mid-December.  Salary is competitive and will be based on
number of hours available.  Applicants must be bilingual in Spanish and
English, should have experience with both administrative positions as well
as research-based and dramaturgy work.  Applicants of color are strongly

Please send a cover letter and resume, including three references to Marion
Young at
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