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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midsummer Casebook


Another really excellent piece of work here from Anthea, supported by Clare and Zander. The online casebook for Midsummer's! In the blog feeds. Congrats, Midsummer team!


Dramatist Guild Roundtable on Dramaturgy in the American Theatre

Dear Ghostlighters,

We have been reading an article from The Dramatist, the publication of the Dramatists' Guild, of a Roundable that took place in 2002 about dramaturgy in the American theatre. Participants included Mark Bly, Anne Cattaneo, Liz Engleman, John Dias, Janice Paran, Oskar Eustis, Michelle Volansky, Edward Albee, Susan Birkenhead, Gretchen Cryer, Carol Hall, David Henry Hwang, Shirley Lauro, Emily Mann, Polly Pen, and Jeffrey Sweet. Everyone is invited to post comments here - questions, rants, raves, cries of anguish, diverse alarums, calls to war, whatever. Non-CMU readers, we'd love your thoughts as well.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barbarous Nights Online Casebook

Dear Ghostlighters,

Corinna Archer's online casebook for Barbarous Nights, the new adaptation of the works of Frederico Garcia Lorca which she is executing with CMU director Sam Creely, is a really excellent piece. The Nights crew presented their research last night at the first rehearsal, and we will be watching the blog from here from now on. Check for updates as the rehearsal process progresses.