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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inspector General Released

Inspector General Released

My adaptation of Gogol's The Inspector General is out from Carnegie Mellon University Press. Here it is:

I really want to thank Cynthia, Jerry, and Sarah; my awesome awesome hilarious editors at the press.

Please, read and enjoy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Censorship, Drama, Canada, Poland, Jews

Check out this discourse about censorship in a play about Polish Jews being mounted at a Canadian Theatre on "News from the Real World." Get in there, guys!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Interesting article

Check out this article with some friends of the program. Note the quote from Jerry Patch, who "has now seen the evolution in the dramaturgy field from it really being true in the 1960s and 1970s that “no kid every grew up wanting to be a dramaturg” to observing in recent years that young people actually hold the goal of becoming a dramaturg."


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Susan Jonas, Megadramaturg, Visits Ghostlight

Dear Students,

On Thursday we are honored to host Susan Jonas as a visiting artist. Susan Jonas has worked as a performer, director, producer, dramaturg, translator, adaptor, administrator, fund-raiser, grant-maker, scholar and educator.  Currently on faculty at New York University, she teaches courses in dramaturgy and the work of women in theatre. She has held leadership positions at several New York theatres, including The Acting Company, CSC, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Rushmore Theatre Festival and Classical Theatre of Harlem. She is the co-editor of what we call "the brown book," Dramaturgy and American Theatre, which is one of the most significant texts written about dramaturgy in the last 50 years. She is a contributor to American Theatre and other publications, and currently editing an anthology surveying classics by women, with essays by major contemporary theatre artists. During her decade as an Arts Analyst in the New York State Council on the Arts Theatre Program, she created initiatives that included Student No Rush, and, with Suzanne Bennett, a three-year national study on the status of women in theatre, which culminated in a widely-disseminated report. Dr. Jonas has taught at numerous universities and professional training programs, and her adaptations have been produced by The Acting Company, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Lincoln Center Institute and Manhattan Theatre Club's Writers-in-Performance. She holds a doctorate in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism from the Yale School of Drama, and is a board member of the League of Professional Theatre Women.

Professor Jonas will be joining Dramaturgy 2, which meets 12-1:20 in CFA 103. All dramaturgy students and playwrights are welcome. We will have another less formal event in the afternoon, space and time TBA.

Don't miss this one!


This Blog is Janky

Dear Readers,

Several people have given me feedback about how "unoptimized" this blog is. Well, duh, I know that! This is my first blog - hey, I'm forty, my high-tech training was on VCR's. So plans are in the works to get someone who actually understands such things to help us overhaul it.  In the meantime, I believe that the best use of these blogs is to archive the digital casebooks for the various shows, and update people on cool things that happen in the program. But soon, optimization will occur!