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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Disney Making a New Turn?

Ok so Disney is famous for making cute sweet fairytales. What's got me excited is the new rumored movie Maleficent. Yes, that is the name of the villain from Sleeping Beauty. It is rumored to be a live action film (like the recent Alice...). Many are suspecting that Tim Burton is going to direct and Angelina Jolee has made it known that she wants to play the title role. Who would have thought Disney would take one of its most cherished classics and completely turn it on its head. A Villian's perspective? Especially if Tim Burton does this movie...its gunna be a bit trippy. The curious part about this story? There is no script written. Nothing. Nada. Just Speculations. Dramaturgs to the rescue?

here is a link to a site discussing a bit about the film and other possible Maleficent.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here we go...

South Park just couldn't help but play with fire (again). And this time they're getting quite an incendiary reaction:

And here's the episode (#200) in question that aired on April 14, 2010, "depicting" the prophet:

Interesting because a few years ago they DID actually depict the prophet and nothing happened. The episode above draws attention to that little fact and also comments on the overall "situation."

Lab A6 Podcast Recording for "Richard III"

Check out the Lab A6 podcast recording for Richard III, currently playing in the Chosky theatre at the Purnell Center for the Arts with designers Crystal, Danielle, Riley and Jordan, Gabe King, who plays Richard, and Corinna, the dramaturg. It will also be available on iTunes soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Richard III Talk Backs!

Come one, come all to the THREE post-show talk backs that will be held for Richard III!

Thursday, April 15th--After Preview in room 103
Tuesday, April 20th--The traditional Tuesday night talk back in the Chosky. Peggy Knapp is bringing all of her terrific Shakespeare students!
Monday, April 26th--After the 10am high school matinee performance. Find out what these kids have to say about the show, and if they did their homework and read my snazzy packet...

Also, look for the Lab A6 Podcast episode for Richard III that I recorded with Gabe, Crystal, Danielle, Jordan and Riley about our experience working on the show. Coming soon to iTunes!

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CMU dramaturgs shamanizing with Daily Show's John Oliver