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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lue Douthit Visit

On October 14, Dr. Lue Douthit [ ] visited the Collective. We ran her pretty ragged; an eleven-hour day of addressing dramaturgy, playwriting, and directing students. We learned a great deal about her work at Ashland. I'm asking students to post their reactions below.

Dramaturgy is like

Inspired by Brookly-based playwright Matt Freeman's blog entry, "Playwriting is Like" [see archive], I have perhaps imprudently created a bunch of my own.




Dramaturgy is like being that one scientist in the Godzilla movies who says “for god’s sake, don’t do that!” and then they do it and Godzilla destroys the city and everyone blames you anyway.

Dramaturgy is like throwing a rope to someone in quicksand who keeps saying “Quicksand? What quicksand?”

Dramaturgy is like leading a team of intrepid, fearless explorers into a deep dark cave for hours and hours and you turn around and no one is there.

Dramaturgy is like discovering, trapping and mounting a rare and exotic insect, spending years unlocking its secrets, and in so doing revealing valuable and wonderful lessons of life, and when you present the findings at the science conference everyone is horrified that you killed the insect.

Dramaturgy is like being in love with someone who is somehow never around when your friends want to meet her.

Dramaturgy is like finding a cure for a disease that no one is complaining to be suffering from.

Dramaturgy is like getting lost on your way to the map store.

Dramaturgy is like studying for years and years and then getting a terrible job which affords you the most meager existence possible and you are totally unappreciated and you wake up every day and you can't WAIT to go to work.

Dramaturgy is like being in a room where everyone is blindfolded except you, and you're gagged.