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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Graduate Study in London


A new program at RADA, where Matt Gray studied, for scholars. Those of you newly graduated or looking to graduate - have a looksie.


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From: Juri Nael
Reply-To: "Theatre History Discussion List - Amer. Soc. for Theatre Research"
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 08:57:04 -0500
Subject: NEW!!! MA Theatre Lab at RADA

September 2011 will see the introduction of a pioneering new postgraduate course at the Royal
Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) - MA Theatre Lab.

After three years of development RADA has initiated this MA that is aimed at training performers
who wish to extend their craft, help sustain the sector, and have a desire to experiment with the
concepts and theories at the basis of performance practice in the western hemisphere.

MA Theatre Lab will base its training on the work of practitioners in the post-Stanislavski era. It
will offer an arena for both the improvement and attainment of skills and for the development of
new ways of working, especially within the context of a group.  It is aimed particularly at those
actors and performers who are involved in ensemble, collective and/or physically-based work but
who also want to hone and develop their skills.

This is a time when theatre, along with other art forms, is faced with the threat of cuts that may
lead practitioners to resort to more conservative content or ways of working and be discouraged
from experimentation and new work.  The ambition of MA Theatre Lab is to use the present
conditions to encourage the formation of new working practices and groups that will reinvigorate
the profession and practitioners with energy, ideas and thought-provoking work.

MA Theatre Lab will be a full-time intensive one-year course validated by King‚s College London. 
The course timetable is structured so that it will offer the opportunity for students to continue
working in order to support their studies.  There will be an emphasis on practical learning with
time given for students to reflect critically upon their work, as well as acting and performance
generally.  Students will gain new insights as well as developing a wide range of skills to generate
valuable, innovative and collaborative contributions for the sector.

For more information on the entry requirements for this course and to apply, please visit the RADA

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